R++ est un logiciel d’analyse statistique haute performance. Simple, rapide, efficace. Pour mettre les statistiques à la portée de tous.



R++ includes a graph editor with a lot of functionality to customise your results in a few clicks.

The editor has a smart interface to avoid coding.


On the left side of the interface is a menu with all the

configurable parameters. There are 6 of them:

  • Data
  • Sheet
  • Text
  • Axes
  • Colours
  • Rectangles and bars


The graph you are modifying is in the centre of the interface. You can see each change on real time.



Below are some detailed features for graph customisation.



Change colour

You can choose flat tints, stripes, gradations.


Change the graph type

For this graphical parameter you can change the number of classes: use “breaks” option.


You can choose between a right-open interval and a left-open interval.


You can also choose in a single click between frequency and probability density.


Sheet parameters


The Sheet button is in the left side menu. You can choose:


  • The dimensions

  • The margins size

  • The background colour

  • The DPI
  • To display the alpha canal or not



Change the text

Each label can be modified or removed as you like.


R++ offers real customisation of the text:

  • Size, font, style and preset style


  • You can move the text directly in the graph


  • Preset style


As always, all the actions are available in the code menu.


Many other parameters enable you to modify how your graph looks.


To have the opportunity to test R++ you can subscribe to the beta test, which will be released on July 7th: https://rplusplus.com/beta


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