R++ est un logiciel d’analyse statistique haute performance. Simple, rapide, efficace. Pour mettre les statistiques à la portée de tous.


Our solution

High Performance
Statistical Analysis

R++, the Next Step is a R-based high performance statistical analysis software. It contains a full range of tools and the last technological innovations. And because statisticians are not always IT specialists, it is delivered with a simple and innovative Human-Computer Interface (HCI).

Écrans logiciels statistiques

The Best Of
Two Worlds

There are two types of statistical analysis softwares on the market:

  • On the one hand business softwares (R, SAS, SPSS) are usually made by and for statisticians. They meet users’ needs, are reasonably simple and contain a comprehensive set of tools. Nevertheless they are not always very effective.
  • On the other hand softwares made by IT specialists (Oracle, Python, statistics libraries for C…) are at the cutting edge of technology (e.g. parallelism / multiprogramming) and are very effective. However they only contain part of the statistics tools and users need strong programming skills.


R++, the Next Step combines the advantages of both worlds: a simple complete software that uses parallelism and highly performing methods.

At the heart of R++ 

Statistical analysis softwares users are not always IT specialists. Admittedly, statistics engineers have good IT knowledge, but statistics users are also doctors, psychologists, sociologists, sociologists, historians, linguists…

R++ is delivered with a simple and innovative Human-Computer Interface (HCI) so that statistical new tool is nothing but pleasure.


R++ is also…

Photo de R heir

R heir

You know how to use R? You will know how to use R++, it is the same syntax.
Photo de A software that is simple …

A software that is simple …

You will love how easy it is to use, its intuitive interface, the Drag & Drop…!
Photo de …but professional!

…but professional!

All the actions are coded, and the code is available at all times.
Photo de A complete software

A complete software

97% of R packages are compatible with R++
Photo de A friend of your friends…

A friend of your friends…

R++ can import data from 17 other programs
Photo de … all your friends

… all your friends

R++ can simply export results to Office, LaTeX, HTML…
Photo de A software that is scalable…

A software that is scalable…

R++ remembers when you correct a mistake and then proposes to apply the correction to a new set of data
Photo de … and collaborative

… and collaborative

You can apply the corrections made by your colleagues, your team, or event the entire world thanks to the “most frequent mistakes” collaborative wiki
Photo de A configurable software

A configurable software

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