R++ est un logiciel d’analyse statistique haute performance. Simple, rapide, efficace. Pour mettre les statistiques à la portée de tous.


Quick Start & Guide R++

With our Quick Start below you can start using R++ straight away!

You don’t need to go through the whole user guide to start using R++. We have put together for you a short version Quick Start that is only one page long!

It will allow you to discover our analytics software R++ very quickly and enjoy its main features at all steps of the analysis: prepare the data, analyse it and visualise your results, all this through a very user-friendly interface.

You can also access the R++ user guide.

It’s a pdf document that you can print or download from here. The first part includes the Quick Start summary  while the second part is a case study including definitions and tips for our users.

To download the R++ user guide, click here.

And if you don’t have yet access to R++, register here for a demo!

Quick Start for analytics software R++
Quick Start 3 for analytics software R++

If you prefer to watch videos…

We have create a series of tutorial videos that you can watch step by step (imports, data management, analysis, etc.). Watch them here.

They are part of a YouTube channel we created for the R++ users. It’s called “R++ en une minute” because these videos are short – but very useful!

Click here to subscribe to our R++ You Tube channel.