R++ est un logiciel d’analyse statistique haute performance. Simple, rapide, efficace. Pour mettre les statistiques à la portée de tous.

R++ general presentation

Discover R++ interface and let us guide you for a first look at data base analysis.

The interface

There are three parts in R++ interface:

  • 1- The railway recapitulates the main steps of statistical analysis (import, data management, analysis and export).
  • 2- The call for action buttons offer specific options for each step of the statistical analysis.
  • 3- The main window displays data, graphs, the code… In the centre are all the recent files, double-click to open one.

Data management

Loading a file activates the data management menu. The data base is displayed in the main window.

Quickly explore the data base with call for action buttons. For instance you can get one graph per column thanks to the “graphical representation” button.

Therefore it’s easy to see in a flash when there is a problem in the distribution. In this example you immediately spot an outlier in the “age” column: a student is 200 years old…

R++ can sort data in ascending order in the age column, to easily spot and fix the outlier. Once fixed, the graph is automatically updated.

The code

All the codes for all the actions are available in the Analysis menu.

Save a graph for later

During your analysis, R++ enables you to intuitively save, export and share a graph.


To do so: in the Data Management menu click on the “film” button, which brings out a storage space. Drag and drop the graph into the film to save it for later.

Modify the graph

In the Export menu you can change all the graphical parameters. You can also add shapes or text directly on the graph.

To export R++ gives you the choice between a traditional export and a drag & drop to an email or file.


Just send it, there you go!

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